Quick and easy laundry every day

Ergonomics, versatility and rapidity are just three of the most important features of the new range of Indesit Top loaders.
  • Push & Open
  • Turn & Wash
  • Rapid Wash
  • A new design solution

    A new and ergonomic design solution that makes opening your Top Loader washing machine even easier.

  • Only 45 minutes for clean daily laundry in just 1 turn

    Turn&Wash is a new and exclusive feature that allows you to do your daily laundry easily and quickly every day.

  • 5 rapid cycles that last less than 59 minutes

    Save time and enjoy a top quality laundry thanks to RapidWash programs.

Turn & Wash Technology

In less than 45 minutes, this dedicated program ensures great results achievable by anyone. Put your cotton and synthetic garments inside the washing machine, simply turn the knob to select the Turn&Wash and then get on with something else: that’s all you need to do for total peace of mind.

Push & Open System

Thanks to the new Push&Open handle, you can simply open

the top even if your hands are full. Push it with one finger or even with your elbow for a more comfortable use.

Rapid Wash

You can wash anything you want in a very short time, thanks to the programs dedicated to different fabric types such as cotton, synthetics, and even wool.