Embrace change: be versatile.

Versatiliy: a skill to learn.

Embrace change: be versatile.

Sometimes, things actually go according to plan. But, in my experience, that's the exception, not the rule.

We'd like life to be orderly, predictable, simple. But the truth is, all sorts of things happen, and you have to be quick to adapt. Sometimes, it's having to find a new job, or a new home. Others, it's smaller things, like finding a last-minute babysitter, or figuring out how to get to work without the car (does anyone else bust tyres as often as I do?).

Versatiliy is something all mums learn very quickly. We have to.

But it's also a trait I've learned to appreciate in others (thank you, my S.O.).
But it goes beyond people, too--take my Indesit Cooker. Our new place has a small kitchen, and we needed a smart, simple solution to fit both an oven and a hob in our limited available space.

Enter Indesit: their cookers offer all the convenience of a oven/hob combo, with added beautiful design and useful features.

It's great, and amazingly resource-efficient, too. We've saved a lot on the bills, since we purchased it.

Compact, gorgeous and providing amazing cooking results. What more could you ask for?

Our Indesit cooker is perfect. Actually, it's better than that--it's versatile.

You can find the perfect Indesit cooker for you here.