Little space available? Optimise!

Limited space doesn’t mean limited options.

Little space available? Optimise!

We have little space to spare, in our house. Every single corner appears to be crammed with furniture, toddlers’ toys, and all sorts of things (most of which I don’t even remember buying or needing).

Given the limits we have in terms of space, we had to be smart, when it came to picking our appliances. Our rule is: they have to be affordable, effective and possibly look nice.

Take the washing machine. We spent a lot of time trying to find the right one for us. We also loved the idea of having a tumble dryer too, but we know that would weigh on our budget too much. But, after lots of searching and asking around, we found Indesit’s Innex line and its washer dryers. Bingo!

First off, it fit comfortably both within our budget (phew!) and inside our teeny-weeny lavatory.

Although he hates to admit it, my husband is baffled by home appliances. Yet, with our new Innex washer dryer, even he can easily set programs and cycles. They are all clearly pictured on the appliance, and the few knobs and buttons are very intuitively laid out.

Talking about programs, there are lots of them. Amazingly, they are also genuinely useful. My favourite so far is the 45’ Wash&Dry, which does exactly what you think it does—and it does it perfectly.

When we have a little free time (all to rare...), and if the babysitter happens to be free, we like to nip out with friends to a bar. Sometimes, cigarette smoke or humidity make our clothes smell bad, without them actually being dirty. In these cases, I love using the AirFresh cycle: it quickly freshens up your clothing, removing all bad odours.

I mentioned that I like my home appliances to look nice, if at all possible. Well—this Indesit washer dryer was designed by famous Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. It’s a designer appliance!

So, bottom line: if you have limited space, it doesn’t mean you have limited options, or that you have to compromise on quality. We are extremely happy with our Indesit washer dryer!

You can find out more about Indesit’s washer dryers here.